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Drive Customer Success with Our Training, Support & Engagement Tools

From seamless onboarding to training and nurturing, we provide all the tools B2B companies need to cultivate deep, ongoing relationships with their customers and members through a thriving community experience.

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Easily Train & Onboard Your Customers

Offer your customers and members an immersive learning experience. With our customized learning paths and interactive tools, ensure your customers make the most of your products and services the moment they sign-up.

Streamlined Customer Onboarding
Customizable Learning Experiences
Engaging Courses Creation
Engaging Learner Communication
Training Program Analysis

Strengthen Ties to Empower and Engage

Transform customers into passionate advocates. Create vibrant community spaces for knowledge sharing and networking, enriching the customer journey with each interaction.

Cultivate Vibrant Community Spaces
Facilitate Peer-to-Peer Interactions
Drive Customer Advocacy Programs
Deliver Targeted Communication
Organize Engaging Events and Webinars
Implement Gamification Strategies

Implement Customer-Driven Innovation

Harness customer insights to drive collaborative product development and innovation, fostering a culture of continuous improvement that your customers will be proud to be a part of.

Customer Feedback Innovation
Idea Management Streamlining
Customer-Centric Roadmap Development
Data-Driven Strategic Decisions
Targeted Feedback with Custom Surveys and Polls
CRM System Integration

Capture, Annotate Record & Support

Easily record and capture your screen with this user-friendly tool, perfect for quick tutorials, annotating documents, webpages, presentations, and more.

Record A Video Of Your Screen
Capture A Region, Window, Or Entire Screen
Share Links To Stored Screenshots And Videos
Open, Annotate, And Share Images & Videos
Offer Exclusive Member Benefits

Empower Every Customer with AI-Driven Support

MangoApps Community Portals harness artificial intelligence to deliver streamlined, efficient service across all knowledge bases. Imagine a community portal where personalized support is a click away, transforming every interaction.

Knowledge Base Search with Deep Learning

Experience a new dimension of enterprise search powered by advanced Large Language Models (LLMs). MangoApps AI offers personalized, permission-aware search results, creating a unified source of truth that dramatically improves how customer support is delivered.

With COVID, MangoApps has played an incredible role for us, communication-wise. It’s really helped create that stable, centralized place for Ys to get the information that they need, fast. It also gives them a sense of a community—that they aren’t in this alone. Y staff across the country are facing some of the same challenges that they’re facing.

Vanessa Blair

Sr. Manager of Organizational Communications


Tailor Your Experience

Match Your Unique Brand and Vision

MangoApps ensures a cohesive and personalized experience for your organization. Through tailored solutions, it resonates with your unique brand identity and engages users without the need for IT involvement.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Brand Identity
Out-of-the-Box Support For Multiple Brands
Flexible Information Architecture
No IT Involvement Required

IntegratE Existing systems

Seamless Integration With Other Platforms

MangoApps offers robust integration capabilities to ensure that your intranet becomes the central hub for all your organizational needs. Connect with various tools, platforms, and services to create a cohesive digital ecosystem.

Integrate with Any SSO system
Support for All Popular HRMS Systems
Deep Integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google
75+ Other Out-of-the-Box Integrations
Extensive Open APIs for Custom Integrations

After almost 20 years in this industry, I’ve done a lot of implementations. MangoApps was hands down the smoothest implementation—the fastest adoption from users.

Kyle Loafman

VP of Purchasing

Ram Tool

Feature & Plan Details

Effortless turnkey implementation of the industry's most comprehensive community suite.






Personalized News Feed

Personalized News Feed

Company Dashboard: Static widgets set by Admins.

Company Dashboard: Static widgets set by Admins.



Audience Targeting with Rule-Based Team Membership

Audience Targeting with Rule-Based Team Membership

Block-Based Post Editor with Pre-Built Content Blocks, Previews, and Review Workflow

Block-Based Post Editor with Pre-Built Content Blocks, Previews, and Review Workflow

Branded Content Templates

Branded Content Templates

Content and Communication Scheduling, Promotion and Management Tools.

Content and Communication Scheduling, Promotion and Management Tools.

Multi-Channel Communication with Built-in Acknowledgment

Multi-Channel Communication with Built-in Acknowledgment

Real-Time Engagement Insights

Real-Time Engagement Insights

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Why MangoApps Community Suite?

From fostering innovation to building a community that engages and educates users, MangoApps Community Suite propels your business forward.

Build Stronger Customer Relationships: Engage with your customers regularly and build deeper connections.
Elevate Customer Loyalty: Don't just make sure your customers keep coming back, transform them into your biggest advocates.
All Your Customer Tools in One Place: Everything your customers need to be successful can all be found in our community suite.
Harness Customer Insights for Innovation: Adapt your products and business with direct customer feedback.

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