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Why our customers switch from SharePoint to MangoApps

SharePoint alternative for employee adoption

poor adoption

SharePoint is hard to use

Because employees find SharePoint difficult to use, administrators find it hard to manage, and it lacks some of the core elements required for a modern company intranet. 

MangoApps is so easy to use that non-technical people can easily configure and administer the platform with minimal effort.

SharePoint alternative file management


Frontline employees are left out of the loop.

More often than not, your frontline workers aren’t provided with O365 licenses, leaving them unable to access SharePoint unless your company makes a significant investment in additional licenses and software.

MangoApps’ affordable pricing plan ensures that every employee has access to the platform and does not require custom development from IT.

SharePoint integration with mangoapps

not a modern solution

SharePoint is not an out-of-the-box platform.

At its core SharePoint is a content management system designed for storing documents. It doesn’t have the elements that are needed for an employee-centric company intranet.

With MangoApps, you can give your company a mobile-first, modern company intranet designed to keep employees informed & engaged.

Sharepoint projects are abandoned

projects fail

Most SharePoint projects fail.

SharePoint is anything but a safe choice. 72% of SharePoint implementations fail to meet their objectives and are abandoned. 

MangoApps’ customer support team and continuous product improvement ensure that your company will be taking advantage of the platform long after implementation.


SharePoint requires IT expertise. 

SharePoint can be costly to implement and maintain, requiring custom development and ongoing enhancements and consuming a large portion of IT’s time.

MangoApps is so simple to maintain and administer that employees without IT expertise can easily administer the platform.


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