NO Regrets

Say Goodbye To Purchase Regrets

Gartner has found that only 13%* of enterprise technology buyers have zero regrets after a purchase, that's why MangoApps remains the only digital work hub vendor that stands behind our product with an adoption guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with adoption after launch to your employees, you don’t pay us. When you're ready, you can buy with the peace of mind that regret isn't lurking around the corner.

Why do we guarantee adoption?

Gartner reports that 83% of HR-related buyers end up regretting their buying decision, so we removed that worry all together. A digital work hub is only useful if it is adopted and regularly used by your employees. It's the single most important metric and is the largest contribution to failed employee engagement projects. So, if adoption isn't good enough you will not pay us.

We believe that mutual trust is the foundation of any strong business partnership, and we are confident that our product will pass muster.

*Gartner, Inc., Pushing Beyond Enterprise Tech Buyer Regret, 2022

How our adoption guarantee works

Unlike other vendors that want to lock you in to a long-term agreement, we build a natural out into our contracts. When you buy from MangoApps, you'll have an opportunity to cancel the deal if you aren't satisfied with employee adoption.

The adoption guarantee is an exclusive offer to enterprise customers (>1,000 employees). Contact our sales team to learn more about the specifics of our adoption guarantee, and how we can prove that an employee experience transformation with MangoApps is guaranteed to be successful.

We are implementation experts

Many CFOs and boards of directors fear buying “shelfware” or expensive software that doesn’t get used by their employees. We work hard to ensure this never happens to our customers.

Our tried-and-true implementation plans are customized for every customer and designed to ensure that your employees rally behind the launch of MangoApps.

Start small & grow over time

MangoApps is a modular platform, making it easy to purchase and roll out one piece of our product for a specific use case.

Once your team has it in hand, it’s easier to analyze a potential larger partnership from an ROI standpoint. As new needs arise, adding functionality is just a flip of a switch within an app your employees already understand, and you don’t have to go through a lengthy demo and validation process.

Easy to sell internally

We know you have a lot of competing priorities. Our team will work with you to build a rock-solid business case to get internal buy-in and make the implementation happen.

Thriving customer community

The MangoApps customer community is one of our proudest accomplishments as a company. Our customers span a wide variety of industries and use cases, and we have a thriving community space where they can learn from each other and grow together.

As a part of the demo process, we are always happy to put your leadership in touch with a customer like you, who can give you their perspective on our product.

After almost 20 years in this industry, I’ve done a lot of implementations. MangoApps was hands down the smoothest implementation—the fastest adoption from users.

Kyle Loafman

VP of Purchasing

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