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Store employees can be hard to reach and keep engaged, but with the right tools, they don’t have to be. Watch our session at NRF-2024 to learn how AutoZone and PetSmart are transforming employee experience and frontline operations.

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a platform for everyone

Bring store associates into the fold

All the communication and resources that frontline teams need, available on mobile at a glance.

  • Put company updates, personal schedule, payroll, policies and training materials in one place, where everything is easy to find and navigate.

  • Give associates a voice with community and recognition features that build morale and help everyone see the bigger picture.

  • Use segmentation and analytics to drive communication and engagement strategy by reducing clutter and gaining deep insights into content consumption patterns.


Ensure your messages are getting through

Amplify your internal communications team’s impact with wider reach, better data, and more efficient processes.

  • Expand your reach to every associate on their device of choice, and broaden understanding with translation and accessibility features.

  • Real-time analytics and better user segmentation show you how your messages are being received and by whom, so you can sharpen your content strategy over time.

  • Speed up deployment with branded templates and an intuitive block-based editor, saving time and improving comms team agility.

MangoApps provides a warehouse for all the information that our store owners need. Everything they need on how to run their bakery, how to market it, how to sell it, is all shared within MangoApps. It’s phenomenal. We didn’t have information-sharing capabilities like this before.

Steven Johnson

IT Administrator

Great Harvest Bread Company


Bolster retention by engaging store employees

Two-way communication, faster onboarding, and more ways to track and reinforce comprehension all contribute to a frontline workforce that understands how crucial their work is to the bigger picture.

  • Reduce time spent onboarding with easy access to company resources and targeted mobile learning paths

  • Get valuable insights from frontline teams with surveys and open avenues of interdepartmental communication

  • Call out great work with social-powered rewards and recognition that can be tied to tangibles like gift cards and company swag.


Empower store managers and support functions with automated workflows

Reduce wasted time and speed up execution by automating functions like store schedules and task management.

  • When every employee has 24/7 access to the most updated store schedule, managers no longer have to waste time fielding questions about it

  • Our retail task management module enables corporate teams to push out the same task to any group of store locations in one click, and track follow-through in real time.

  • Shifting from a verbal cascade model to targeted digital communications allows you to react to shifting customer needs with quick promo pivots, even for large chains

Before MangoApps, I sent a picture of the schedule on WhatsApp. But sometimes people lost or deleted it, so they had to come into the store or text me. Now, they can open the app, click on the schedule, and see when they have to work. They never contact me anymore with questions—they can see it themselves. It saves me a lot of time.

Vera Scherff

Store Manager

ASW Benelux


Deploy training programs on mobile and enable microlearning

Keep associates on the same page with training courses inside MangoApps, ranging from quick updates on new products and protocols to upskilling and certification opportunities.v

  • Boost engagement with training programs by delivering them in the flow of work on mobile, in the same app where you communicate

  • Ensure compliance with auditable certification programs and personalized transcripts for employees

  • Use microlearning to get crucial information about campaigns and products out to everyone quickly, with tracking and automated reminders to boost compliance.


How MangoApps Delivers for Retail

See the bigger picture. Connect, engage and delight everyone in your organization.


Unified app for essential features: training, schedules, calendars, internal, and peer-to-peer communication.


Improve store performance with empowered employees, increased productivity, and streamlined onboarding.

Business Leaders

Effective leadership with multi-channel communication, customized branding, and analytics tools for performance insights.

CASE STUDY: Employee Engagement in Retail: PetSmart’s Central Bark SuperApp

How PetSmart Uses MangoApps To Reach Over 50,000 Employees

MangoApps Named a Leader in the 2024 IDC MarketScape

Download the report excerpt to see why the IDC MarketScape named MangoApps a leader.

Magic Quadrant
Visionary, Intranet Packaged Solutions - 2023
Forrester Wave
Strong Performer, Intranet Platforms - 2022
IDC MarketScape
Leader, Experience-Centric Intelligent Digital Workspaces-2024
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