Unify Your Workforce: Elevate Culture and Communication in Staffing Services

Staffing services & management companies of all kinds struggle to maintain culture or distribute information across their employees who are deployed to different companies. MangoApps allows you to reinforce your brand, unify systems, and create two-way communication opportunities across your distributed network of contingent workers.


Ensure your messages are getting through

All the communication and resources that your employees need, available on mobile or desktop at a glance.

  • Put company updates, personal schedules, payroll, policies and training materials in one place, where everything is easy to find and navigate.

  • Give contingent workers a voice with community and recognition features that build morale and help them feel like they are a part of your culture.

  • Create personalized SSO dashboards that give each employee access to the systems they need, both from you and from their current work location

You plug into MangoApps and you’re now in any application in the company and you don’t have to log in again. It enhances not only day-to-day communication but also our ability to use other tools.

Tom Perrine

Chief Information Officer

Team Health


Bolster retention by engaging with contingent employees

Two-way communication, faster onboarding, and more ways to track and reinforce comprehension all contribute to a distributed workforce that understands how crucial their work is to the bigger picture.

  • Reduce time spent onboarding with easy access to company resources and targeted mobile learning paths.

  • Get valuable insights from contingent employees with surveys and open avenues of interdepartmental communication.

  • Simplify your tech stack by giving contingent employees just one place to go to get everything they need from the company.


Improve reach and efficiency for your communications team

Amplify your internal communications team’s impact with personalization, wider reach, better data, and more efficient processes.

  • Expand your reach to every employee on their device of choice, and broaden understanding with translation and accessibility features.

  • Real-time analytics and better user segmentation show you how your messages are being received and by whom, so you can sharpen your content strategy over time.

  • Speed up deployment with branded templates and an intuitive block-based editor, saving time and improving comms team agility.

Especially as a staffing and services provider, where the majority of the facilities where our clinicians work are not ours but third-party partners, having our own brand, colors, and app on the clinicians’ phones is huge. It’s crucial to having our clinicians feel like part of our company.

Jonathan Hensley

Director of User Experience

Team Health


Deploy training on any device and enable learning

Keep employees on the same page with training courses inside MangoApps, ranging from quick updates on new initiatives and protocols to upskilling and certification opportunities.

  • Boost engagement with training programs by delivering them in the flow of work on desktop or mobile, in the same app where you communicate.

  • Ensure compliance with auditable certification programs and personalized transcripts for employees.

  • Use microlearning to get crucial information out to everyone quickly, with tracking and automated reminders to boost compliance.

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