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The MangoApps AI is meticulously designed to redefine the way businesses leverage artificial intelligence, ensuring a transformative impact on your employee experience. Experience the future of workplace innovation and unlock a new realm of possibilities with MangoApps AI.

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Transform Your Writing with AI Precision

Elevate your content creation with AI that writes, edits, and analyzes faster than ever. Whether you're refining messages or crafting detailed documents, our AI enhances your writing process with real-time improvements and sentiment analysis.

  • Produce superior content swiftly, minimizing writing time.
  • Develop outlines into comprehensive documents with AI assistance.
  • Refine tone and style effortlessly with our advanced language models.

Ensure Universal Accessibility with AI

MangoApps AI's accessibility features, including translation, auto-captioning, and text-to-speech, guarantee that every piece of content is accessible to all employees, everywhere.

  • Break language barriers with instant translation of user-generated content.
  • Support diverse needs with auto-captioning and text-to-speech features.
  • Enhance content discoverability, including video transcripts, through advanced search algorithms.

Personalize Content Experiences with Intelligent AI

MangoApps AI intelligently curates content, ensuring employees receive the information most relevant to them. Through dynamic prioritization and smart segmentation, we create a personalized environment that adapts to individual user needs.

  • Prioritize key updates, ensuring important information is never missed.
  • Filter out irrelevant content, tailoring each user's experience.
  • Adapt dynamically to user behavior, personalizing content delivery effectively.

Proactively Manage Compliance and Security with AI

Stay ahead of security challenges with AI that proactively identifies risks and ensures compliance. MangoApps AI automates the detection of PII and unusual patterns, alerting admins to potential issues before they escalate.

  • Upload and monitor custom PII patterns for heightened security.
  • Detect and address unusual activity early to prevent breaches.
  • Streamline admin tasks with comprehensive tools for managing flagged content.

Access Knowledge with AI Assistants

Enhance your team's efficiency with AI assistants that outperform traditional search engines. These assistants delve into your company's documents and communications, providing precise answers with an understanding of your unique organizational context.

  • Quickly resolve inquiries with direct access to company-wide knowledge.
  • Significantly reduce repetitive internal queries.
  • Empower every employee, regardless of technical proficiency, with intuitive search capabilities.
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MangoApps AI Platform Features

These AI features are baked into the MangoApps platform

Core Features

AI Semantic Search Answer Box

Provides accurate search results to improve user experience.

AI Multimedia Transcription

Converts video, image, and audio to text for content accessibility.

AI Content Summarization

Saves time and improves efficiency in content consumption.

AI Content Classification Automation

Organizes content effectively.

AI Text-to-Speech Conversion

Enhances accessibility and user experience.

AI Language Translation

Critical for global accessibility and user reach.

AI Tailored Content Recommendations

Personalized recommendations for users and administrators.

*Please note that not all features are currently available to all customers
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With 90% of employees exploring AI technologies at work, the transition from experimentation to full-scale AI integration is crucial. MangoApps is your partner in this journey, offering secure, tailored AI solutions that fit seamlessly into your existing technological landscape. 

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