The MangoApps Advantage

A Side-by-Side Comparison

Explore our guides comparing MangoApps with leading employee experience tools. Understand how MangoApps enhances communication, productivity, operations, and teamwork. From key features to user experience, discover why MangoApps is the top choice for modern businesses.

Sharepoint vs. MangoApps

Sharepoint is not always the best fit for company intranet and collaboration needs. At its core, SharePoint is a content management system designed for storing documents. It lacks crucial functionality needed for a modern digital hub.

Microsoft Viva and Yammer vs. MangoApps

Microsoft offers a broad array of enterprise software solutions under its Microsoft 365 suite. Microsoft's strength lies in serving the needs of knowledge workers, but when it comes to serving the frontline industries with a mixed workforce, it's a whole other story.

How MangoApps Compares to Others in the Space

The Best Workplace by Facebook Replacement

Workplace from Meta prioritizes employee communications and collaboration within an easy-to-understand platform that is similar to Facebook. However, it does have shortcomings in terms of providing a unified employee experience.

Homegrown or Old Intranets vs. MangoApps

By migrating from your home-grown or discontinued intranet platform (such as Drupal, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, WordPress, SiteCore, SAP JAM, Google Currents) to MangoApps, you can unlock your organization’s potential for exponential growth.

MangoApps vs. Other Providers

We pride ourselves on standing apart from other vendors in the market. Our unique approach, commitment to innovation, and unparalleled customer service enable us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

How MangoApps Compares to Others in the Space

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