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As a modern Employee SuperApp, MangoApps helps your company increase productivity, improve retention, and boost employee engagement by as much as 90%.

Digital work hub environment

employee superapp

Our unified approach

MangoApps provides a single source of truth for both frontline and desk-bound workers, where everything they need is in one easy-to-access place.

  • With our modular approach, you can start with the features you need now, then add more as your company grows & evolves.

  • As a unified work hub, eliminate siloed solutions and save on unnecessary tools, bloated contracts, and administration costs.

  • Keep all of your internal conversations, files, and resources stored in a secure, centralized location.

Private messages in mobile work hub

Top-down communication

MangoApps vs. Top-Down Mass Emails

Instead of blasting out all-staff emails that no one reads, send targeted multimedia communications with relevant information and consumption tracking.

  • Automated segmentation lets you thoughtfully target specific groups with relevant information, so no one receives unnecessary outreach or misses crucial updates

  • Real-time engagement tracking lets you see exactly how employees are engaging with your content, so you can improve over time

  • Our easy-to-use campaign creator makes it easy to send organized multimedia messages that look great on mobile or desktop

SharePoint is more expensive than it seems on the surface

Intranet & Content Management

MangoApps vs. SharePoint & Custom Intranets

SharePoint has all the same issues as that homemade intranet your IT team built in 2005. MangoApps is easy to navigate (even on mobile) and the search bar actually works.

  • With MangoApps, business users can manage their own content, and auto-governance keeps everything organized without IT involvement

  • Our modern search functionality crawls document and image contents, and returns exactly what you’re looking for in seconds with intelligent filtering.

  • Our mobile app puts your intranet into the hands of frontline and on-the-go employees, so everyone is on the same page and no one is left in the dark.

Private messages in mobile work hub

TEAM Collaboration

MangoApps Vs. Internal Email Collaboration

When you collaborate via endless email chains, it’s hard to find things, people miss important conversations, and knowledge is lost over time.

  • Replace siloed email threads with searchable workspaces, reducing duplicated work and speeding up progress.

  • Use document versions and co-editing to reduce clutter and confusion

  • All public conversations and projects enter a searchable record, so knowledge builds on itself and it’s easy for new employees to reference past work

How MangoApps Compares to Others in the Space

How are we different from other vendors

MangoApps vs. Other Providers

We pride ourselves on standing apart from other vendors in the market. Our unique approach, commitment to innovation, and unparalleled customer service enable us to deliver exceptional value to our clients. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we consistently surpass expectations and set new industry standards.

Consolidate Many Tools

Realize hard ROI by consolidating your tools

MangoApps is considerably cheaper than the list of other applications it can replace