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Integrated Intranet and Employee App Platform

Navigate the ever-changing work landscape with MangoApps. Replace fragmented and unsatisfactory employee experiences with an integrated system. Connect seamlessly, collaborate effectively, and operate as one unified company, especially if you manage a frontline or hybrid workforce.

Nobody Does employee experience better

Nobody does employee experience better

MangoApps' Unified Solutions

MangoApps integrates all essential workplace functions, offering a streamlined solution for modern organizations:

1. Employee Communication: Reach 100% of your workforce where they are to boost awareness.

2. Employee Engagement
: Boost team motivation through features like rewards & recognition.

3. Modern Intranet: Centralize resources with real-time access to knowledge and self-service tools.

4. Task & Operations: Streamline operations with centralized task management & no-code workflows.

5. Training & Learning: Facilitate training with a comprehensive learning management system.

Explore our solutions in greater detail below, and purchase only what you need, when you need it.

Modern Intranet

Your Key to Vital Information

MangoApps Intranet acts as a central hub for vital information, eliminating inefficiencies and providing organized, real-time collaboration tools.

Organize Knowledge:
Create an up-to-date repository of essential information using libraries and wikis, enhancing accessibility.

Personalize Access: Offer each employee private access to personal documents and essential files with the unique employee vault feature.

Real-Time Collaboration: Enhance team collaboration with efficient document management, sharing, and versioning, allowing for dynamic engagement.

Employee COmmunication

Streamline Communications on One Platform

MangoApps unifies your communications, making it easy to find colleagues, collaborate in groups, and chat privately. It's the all-in-one solution for fast and efficient communication within your organization.

Quick Connections: Utilize the employee directory to find and message colleagues without delay.

Team Collaboration: With dedicated group spaces, foster enhanced communication and collaboration among team members.

Swift Communication: Speed up the flow of information using chat and private messages, keeping all essential conversations in one place.

Employee Engagement

All the Tools You Need to Build an Engaged Team

MangoApps provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to build an engaged and participative team, ranging from recognition and feedback to fun competition.

Celebrate Achievements:
Recognize and praise star performers with tailored shout-outs and employee recognition features.

Gather Insights: Use surveys & polls to create a channel for all employees to provide actionable feedback, strengthening management decisions.

Foster Participation: Encourage active involvement and friendly competition with gamification features, including levels and badges.

Customer Case Study

The Secret to PetSmart's 4x Industry Average Engagement

Discover how Sheena Christensen, Internal Communications Manager for PetSmart, used MangoApps to level up her internal comms strategy and engage 50,000+ associates.

Task Management

Ditch Paper, Digitize Your Operations

MangoApps' work management & self-service tools digitize your operations, offering streamlined team collaboration and efficient task oversight.

Team Workspaces:
Create searchable workspaces that include projects and groups, fostering collaboration and organization.

Unified Team Communication: Ensure everyone stays on the same page with team updates, featuring comments and reactions for interactive feedback.

Efficient Task Management: Easily distribute and monitor action items, utilizing task management capabilities for thorough oversight and execution.

Learning Management (LMS)

Make Training & Compliance Easy

MangoApps Learning Management System simplifies training and compliance, allowing for seamless creation, tracking, and management of educational content.

Intuitive Training Creation:
Develop and deploy training materials efficiently with user-friendly tools, catering to both internal staff and external partners.

Detailed Tracking & Certification: Monitor participation and manage recertification through audit-ready certificates and transcripts, ensuring full compliance.

Extended Learning Opportunities: Offer educational content to partners and customers with the ability to create public access courses, broadening your training reach.

Widely Recognized as the Leading Digital Workplace Platform

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Employee Communications and Packaged Intranet Software

user friendly & intutive

Super Easy to Use & Administer

MangoApps offers a super-easy point-and-click administration system that simplifies tasks for both admins and frontline employees, making it one of the most user-friendly platforms on the market.

Effortless Administration: With intuitive controls and a point-and-click interface, managing tasks has never been easier.

Frontline Friendly: Designed to suit all users, MangoApps ensures that both admins and frontline employees can navigate and collaborate with ease.

Customer Approved: The ease of use is a major draw for our clients, making MangoApps a preferred choice for streamlined management and collaboration.

Harness Innovation

Leverage the Power of Generative AI

Our engineering team continually enhances the MangoApp's platform with the latest cutting-edge generative AI technology to meet the evolving needs of modern, digital workplaces.

AI-Powered Chatbot: Utilize an LLM-powered chatbot that outperforms search engines, delivering precisely what employees need.

Enhanced Writing Tools: Summarize, expand, edit, or adjust the tone of writing more effectively than human capabilities alone.

Knowledge & Skill Graph: Connect the dots between employees' identities, roles, and skills, optimizing understanding and collaboration.

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PowerFul Integrations

Seamless Integration With Other Platforms

MangoApps offers robust integration capabilities to ensure that your Intranet becomes the central hub for all your organizational needs. Connect with various tools, platforms, and services to create a cohesive digital ecosystem.

Business Tools Integration: Connect with popular tools like CRM, ERP, and project management software for a unified intranet solution.

Simplified Access & Security: Enhance security and ease of access by integrating with your existing authentication system.

Customizable Connections: Utilize robust APIs for tailored solutions that align with your organization's specific requirements.

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Trust in OUR Security

Robust Security You Can Trust

MangoApps prioritizes the protection of your data with robust security measures and certifications, offering you peace of mind in the digital world. 

Certified Security: The only intranet with FedRAMP ATO, HITRUST, ISO-27001, and SOC 2 Type II certifications, showcasing commitment to security standards.

Multilayered Protection: Multiple layers of security are implemented to keep your data secure and private.

Adaptable Governance: Flexible governance and risk management capabilities are tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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Your Success, Our Priority

Exceptional Lifetime Support

We genuinely care about your success, that’s why we put our customers first and respond to your needs with attentiveness and a commitment to exceptional service. 

White Glove Onboarding: Benefit from a proven process that ensures a successful launch tailored to your needs.

Guaranteed Adoption: Enjoy a platform that delights workers with a guarantee of satisfaction, or you don't pay.

Round-the-Clock Support & Community: With offices in multiple time zones and a dedicated community portal, receive the best possible care and collaboration at all times.

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