MangoApps Responsible AI Policy

Our Commitment to the Responsible Innovation and Development of AI

At MangoApps, we are dedicated to leveraging AI advancements to improve communication. Our approach is anchored in a commitment to privacy, security, and ethics. We believe that AI should enhance human capabilities, respect personal autonomy, and amplify the intelligence and effectiveness of our users.

Innovating to Serve the Real Needs of Our Customers
We adopt a values-driven approach to create AI-powered technologies that address real-world challenges. Our goal is to enable an efficient organization and provide tools that help us be more productive.

Safeguarding User Data and Trust
We understand the importance of data security and privacy, and we implement robust measures to protect your information. With years of experience in communication and collaboration platforms, we ensure that user data remains encrypted, private, and secure.

Ensuring User Autonomy
We recognize that AI is a tool to augment work, not a replacement for human decision-making. Our commitment is to empower users to express themselves most effectively, maintaining their role as the final decision-makers in their respective fields and relationships.

Our Principles in Practice

Data Segregation
At MangoApps, we ensure the strict segregation of each enterprise's data. Our AI models are trained in a way that completely isolates the data provided by each client, guaranteeing that no information is shared or mixed with others. This segregation is fundamental to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of each client's data.

Customizable Data Utilization for AI Training
MangoApps empowers enterprises with the option to customize how their data is utilized in AI training. This includes choices in the types of data used and the extent of their use, allowing enterprises to align AI model training with their specific needs and policies.

Consent-Based Data Usage for AI Training
We adhere to a strict policy of using data for AI model training only with explicit consent from our clients. This means that we only use the data you have explicitly enabled for this purpose, ensuring it is used solely to enhance the services we provide to your enterprise, respecting your data's privacy and integrity.

Promising We Never Sell User Data
Your trust is our priority. We do not, and will not, sell your data. MangoApps is funded through service subscriptions, ensuring that your personal information is handled with utmost care.

Practicing Deliberate Software Development
Each new feature undergoes a comprehensive risk-assessment process. Our developers work together to identify potential risks, ensuring that updates are made to align with our high standards of user safety and product quality.