Customer success is our #1 priority

Everything we do as a company comes back to long-term customer relationships. That’s why we’ve built a customer success program that is guaranteed to meet your needs.


See your brand come to life

MangoApps can be customized to match your company's identity. Our in-house design team will make MangoApps look and feel like your brand.

Team Communication

Get setup quickly with our proven step-by-step process

We’re proud to provide unlimited administrator training, system set-up, and support to all MangoApps customers throughout the entire process, to ensure your team’s success.


Flexibility to ensure we meet all your needs

We understand company culture and day-to-day processes are unique to every organization and are bound to change with time.

  • We’ve designed both the MangoApps platform and our deployment process to be flexible to your needs.

  • Our entire product roadmap is drawn from customer requests & suggestions.


Support and free upgrades

MangoApps works with organizations from all over the world, so we’re all over the world too.

  • With offices in multiple time zones, we provide customers with the best possible care around the clock.

  • In the MangoApps Community Portal, you can collaborate directly with our team, as well as fellow MangoApps users.

  • Our product updates come out roughly four times a year, with substantial additions to the offering provided at no charge.