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Figuring out the ROI of a software investment and getting executive buy-in is crucial to any digital transformation initiative. We have helped 
many prospects successfully navigate this process.

Download our business case template below for a jumping-off point you can use to create a presentation for your executive team.

A Deeper Look Into MangoApps ROI

ROI includes both hard and soft savings. Hard ROI comes from replacing existing systems, while soft ROI results from employee time savings, supported by industry research.

Hard ROI from Replacing Systems

A 100,000+ employee customer realized significant cost savings by consolidating multiple tools into MangoApps. This led to over $5 million in annual software licensing savings, simplified IT management, and improved employee efficiency by using a unified platform.

Reducing Reliance On Email

Email is a suboptimal tool for internal collaboration. According to Harvard Business Review, the average professional spends 2.6 hours daily on email. MangoApps can reduce this by 20% by providing superior tools for employee collaboration.

Improving The Speed To Find Information

IDC research shows desk workers spend 14 hours per week searching for information. For frontline workers, this is about three hours. A modern intranet can reduce this time by 25-80%, depending on the initial efficiency.

Reducing Duplicated Work

In large distributed companies, projects are often duplicated. IDC research indicates desk workers spend 10 hours per week on redundant tasks, while frontline workers spend around two hours. Open collaboration spaces can reduce this by 40%.

Reducing Onboarding Costs

Onboarding can be time-consuming. With MangoApps, you can create a structured program of training materials and courses accessible from day one. This can save approximately 40 hours per new employee, benefiting the employee, manager, and support staff in HR and IT.

Reducing Strain On IT

Legacy intranet or SharePoint systems typically require a full-time IT person's attention or equivalent hours spread across a team, excluding the high costs of custom SharePoint projects. MangoApps, once implemented, requires minimal IT involvement—freeing up roughly one full-time IT person per ~5,000 employees.

Digitizing & Automating Business Processes

When employees don't use computers, accessing company tools can be complex. Digital forms streamline processes, reduce confusion, and route requests to the proper person. This can save six hours per frontline employee annually, making requests easier to both make and receive.

Other Considerations for ROI from MangoApps

Here are additional considerations for ROI from MangoApps:

  • Improved engagement boost culture & reduces turnover
  • A unified hub keeps everyone agile and on the same page.
  • Streamlines teamwork cuts project delays.
  • Centralized info helps everyone make faster decisions.
  • Better efficiency means happier employees & customers.
  • Easy communication ensures better compliance & safety.
  • Scales effortlessly with company growth.
  • Fast-tracks onboarding and boosts ongoing learning.

Download the Customizable Template

Our business case template includes more detailed information on how the numbers above were calculated and gives you the tools you need to make your own calculations and present them internally.

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