Internal EmployeE Communication Solutions

Unleash Intelligent Communication for Immediate Impact.

Our suite of communication tools ensures everyone stays connected and informed. Whether it's the CEO's latest announcement, a critical emergency alert, or even just a quick team update, MangoApps ensures your messages reach the right people at the right time.

Bridging the Communication Gap

Communication for Frontline and Office Staff

Frontline staff are often out of the loop, while desk workers’ inboxes are overflowing. With MangoApps, you can bring everyone into the fold.

Mobile-First Communication: Connect frontline and office workers seamlessly through mobile-friendly features.

Targeted Content: Reduce information fatigue by delivering relevant and tailored messaging.

Actionable Analytics: Monitor and ensure that your communications are being read, optimizing engagement and effectiveness.


Reach 100% of Your Workforce 

Engage with hard-to-reach employees by putting two-way interaction in the palms of their hands. 

Multichannel Communication: Reach employees through their preferred channels such as email, SMS, and mobile app.

Engaging Posts: Utilize templates to create and send visually engaging and compelling posts.

Quick Collaboration: Use chat and private messages to foster speedy collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Ensure Every Message Hits the Mark

Prioritize who sees what and when they see it with pertinent, targeted messaging.

Dynamic Employee Segmentation: Send internal communications specifically to those who need it, prioritizing relevance.

Scheduled Targeted Posts: Plan posts in advance to ensure timely delivery of essential information.

Selective Sharing: Pick and choose the exact teams and workspaces for sharing updates, maximizing relevance and efficiency.

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Connect Colleagues Near and Far

Boost rapport & collaboration efforts with an extensive employee directory.

Search for Expertise: Utilize the employee directory to find skilled colleagues when you need specialized knowledge.

Detailed Employee Profiles: Get to know colleagues through comprehensive profiles, building stronger connections.

Organizational Chart: View the org chart to quickly identify and connect with appropriate collaborators, enhancing teamwork.


Send Urgent Messages with Real-Time Alerts

Keep your employees informed during crisis situations with customizable alert notifications. 

Multi-Channel Alerts: Send real-time alerts through multiple channels, maximizing reach and ensuring safety during critical times.

Segmented Alert Delivery: Deliver crucial alerts to specific groups based on team, location, or role for targeted and relevant communication.

Read Tracking & Escalation: Monitor who has read the alert, and resend it with increased urgency if necessary, guaranteeing information gets through.


Turn Engaged Employees into Brand Advocates

Social sharing features empower anyone in your organization to become a company advocate.

Shareable Content: Enhance employee engagement with company-approved content that can be shared socially.

Brand Image Amplification: Strengthen your brand image and extend your company's reach through empowered employee advocacy.

Wider Reach for Opportunities: Share internal job opportunities and company announcements to connect with a broader audience, maximizing visibility. 

Harness Innovation

Leverage the Power of Generative AI

Our engineering team continually enhances the MangoApp's platform with the latest cutting-edge generative AI technology to meet the evolving needs of modern, digital workplaces.

AI-Powered Chatbot: Utilize an LLM-powered chatbot that outperforms search engines, delivering precisely what employees need.

Enhanced Writing Tools: Summarize, expand, edit, or adjust the tone of writing more effectively than human capabilities alone.

Knowledge & Skill Graph: Connect the dots between employees' identities, roles, and skills, optimizing understanding and collaboration.

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PowerFul Integrations

Seamless Integration With Other Platforms

MangoApps offers robust integration capabilities to ensure that your Intranet becomes the central hub for all your organizational needs. Connect with various tools, platforms, and services to create a cohesive digital ecosystem.

Business Tools Integration: Connect with popular tools like CRM, ERP, and project management software for a unified intranet solution.

Simplified Access & Security: Enhance security and ease of access by integrating with your existing authentication system.

Customizable Connections: Utilize robust APIs for tailored solutions that align with your organization's specific requirements.

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Trust in OUR Security

Robust Security You Can Trust

MangoApps prioritizes the protection of your data with robust security measures and certifications, offering you peace of mind in the digital world. 

Certified Security: The only intranet with FedRAMP ATO, HITRUST, ISO-27001, and SOC 2 Type II certifications, showcasing commitment to security standards.

Multilayered Protection: Multiple layers of security are implemented to keep your data secure and private.

Adaptable Governance: Flexible governance and risk management capabilities are tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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Your Success, Our Priority

Exceptional Lifetime Support

We genuinely care about your success, that’s why we put our customers first and respond to your needs with attentiveness and a commitment to exceptional service. 

White Glove Onboarding: Benefit from a proven process that ensures a successful launch tailored to your needs.

Guaranteed Adoption: Enjoy a platform that delights workers with a guarantee of satisfaction, or you don't pay.

Round-the-Clock Support & Community: With offices in multiple time zones and a dedicated community portal, receive the best possible care and collaboration at all times.

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MangoApps Named a Leader in the 2024 IDC MarketScape

Download the report excerpt to see why the IDC MarketScape named MangoApps a leader.

Magic Quadrant
Visionary, Intranet Packaged Solutions - 2023
Forrester Wave
Strong Performer, Intranet Platforms - 2024
IDC MarketScape
Leader, Experience-Centric Intelligent Digital Workspaces-2024

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We have been building employee software for 14+ years and are the only company focused on providing a complete employee experience. We are obsessed with ensuring you get outsized value out of our applications. Our customers regularly cite the strength of our apps, continual product innovation, commitment to customer success, and super-fast support as some of the reasons they love working with us. Here are the top reasons you should pick MangoApps.

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Your company's privacy and security are our top priority. We are the most security-focused digital work hub on the market, and are HITRUST, ISO27001, and SOC 2 Type 2 certified. Click here to learn more.

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