Bridge the communication gap between frontline and office workers

Unite your employees with a modern communications platform. 

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Desk and deskless workers don't get the same experience

Frontline staff are often out of the loop, while desk workers’ inboxes are overflowing. With MangoApps, you can bring everyone into the fold.

  • Connect frontline & office workers via mobile-first communication features.

  • Use targeted content to reduce information fatigue with relevant messaging.

  • Make sure your communications are actually being read with actionable analytics.

Send asynchronous videos


Reach 100% of your workforce 

Engage with hard-to-reach employees by putting two-way interaction in the palms of their hands. 

  • Communicate via the channels your employees prefer (such as email, SMS, and mobile app). 

  • Use templates to create & send engaging posts. 

  • Utilize chat & private messages for speedy collaboration & knowledge sharing. 


Ensure communications are relevant

Prioritize who sees what and when they see it with pertinent, targeted messaging.

  • Use dynamic employee segmentation to send internal communications to those who specifically need it. 

  • Schedule targeted posts in advance to ensure information is received on time.

  • Pick and choose which teams and workspaces to share updates with. 

Social Media-style Interface

Employees will easily & eagerly adopt a communications platform that feels familiar

Updates & News Feeds

Keep targeted employees updated with prioritized information in real-time

Employee Feedback

Measure job satisfaction, evaluate performance, and get crucial feedback from employees

Eye-catching Templates

Visually appealing post templates pique employees’ interests while being informative

Chats & Private Messages

Chat and messaging tools keep conversations secure and remove the need for outside apps

Video & Screen Share

Video calls and screen sharing are built into chats and can be started instantly


Forge a sense of closeness, even when colleagues are far

Boost rapport & collaboration efforts with an extensive employee directory.

  • Search for skilled colleagues when you’re in need of expertise. 

  • Learn about each other with detailed employee profiles. 

  • View the org chart to find appropriate collaborators. 


Instantly send urgent news with real-time alerts

Keep your employees informed during crisis situations with customizable alert notifications. 

  • Take every opportunity to ensure safety by sending alerts through multiple channels in real time. 

  • Deliver crucial alerts to segmented groups (based on team, location, or role). 

  • Track which team members have read the alert, then resend it with escalated urgency if necessary.

Social advocacy


Turn engaged employees into brand advocates

Social sharing features empower anyone in your organization to become a company advocate. 

  • Improve employee engagement with company-approved shareable content.  

  • Strengthen your brand image and amplify the reach of your company. 

  • Share internal job opportunities and company announcements to reach a wider pool. 


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