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Engage, Connect, and Reward Every Employee.

Discover the MangoApps Employee App, your all-in-one solution tailored for frontline teams. This powerful platform unifies essential functions like communication, engagement, and productivity tools into a single, streamlined app. Elevate your workforce's efficiency and morale with features designed for optimal operations and team motivation.

Empower Your Frontline with MangoApps

MangoApps Employee SuperApp integrates all essential functions frontline employees need in a single all-in-one solution for frontline organizations:

Employee Communication: Reach 100% of your workforce where they are to boost awareness.

Employee Engagement: Boost team motivation through features like rewards & recognition.

Operations & Productivity Work Apps: Optionally, add training, task management and other workflow apps to streamline operations and boost productivity.

Explore our Employee App in greater detail below, and start with only what you need.

Employee Communications

Communication for Frontline and Office Staff

Frontline staff are often out of the loop, while desk workers’ inboxes are overflowing. With MangoApps, you can bring everyone into the fold.

Mobile-First Approach For Seamless Connections
Deliver Tailored Content To Reduce Overload
Track Communications For Optimal Engagement

Reach 100% of Your Workforce 

Engage with hard-to-reach employees by putting two-way interaction in the palms of their hands.

Multichannel Communication (App, Email & SMS)
Engaging Posts With Visual Templates
Quick Collaboration Through Real-Time Chat

Ensure Every Message Hits the Mark

Prioritize who sees what and when they see it with pertinent, targeted messaging.

Dynamic Segmentation For Relevant Messaging
Scheduled Posts For Timely Information
Selective Sharing To Maximize Efficiency

Learn more about posts & newsletters

Connect Colleagues Near and Far

Boost rapport & collaboration efforts with an extensive employee directory.

Search For Expertise Using Employee Directory
Detailed Profiles For Stronger Connections
Organizational Chart For Quick Identification

Send Urgent Messages with Real-Time Alerts

Keep your employees informed during crisis situations with customizable alert notifications. 

Multi-Channel Alerts For Reach And Safety
Segmented Alert For Targeted Delivery
Read Tracking & Automatic Resend

Before MangoApps, the operations manager in Dallas, Texas would have had to wake up at 3:00 in the morning and start calling people. Instead, I was able to create a must-read post and send it to every employee in those branches.

Kyle Loafman

VP of Purchasing

Ram Tool

Employee Engagement

Listen to Every Employee Voice

Capture the pulse of your organization with our robust feedback and survey tools. Understand what matters most to your employees and act on it.

Customizable Surveys
Pulse Checks
Open Feedback Channels
Anonymous Suggestions
Sentiment Analysis

Celebrate with Recognition and Rewards

Foster a culture of appreciation with our social recognition platform. Celebrate achievements, big or small, and let your employees know they're valued.

Peer-to-peer Recognition
Manager-to-Employee Awards
Milestone Celebrations
Gamification Features
Built-in Rewards Catalog

Promote Health and Well-being

Prioritize the physical and mental well-being of your employees with our virtual health communities and challenges. A happy employee is an engaged employee.

Wellness Programs & Support Groups
Mental Health Resources
Fitness Challenges
Stress Monitoring Tools

Seamlessly Integrate Pay, PTO, Shift and Other Data

Gain valuable insights into work patterns and preferences with our time and attendance systems. Use data to optimize schedules and improve work-life balance.

Integrate HRMS for Pay, PTO & Other Information
Shift and Scheduling Integration
Attendance Tracking
Leave Management


Onboard and Train Employees

MangoApps Learning Management System simplifies training and compliance, allowing for seamless creation, tracking, and management of educational content.

Automated and Efficient Onboarding
Comprehensive Development for Employees
Proactive Monitoring and Reporting
Mobile-First Learning for Frontline Staff
Environment that Fosters Collaborative Learning
Advanced Functionality and Certification in LMS

Unlock Insights with Data-Driven Analysis

Our cutting-edge analytics and reporting tools give you real-time insights into employee engagement levels, helping you make informed decisions.

Real-time Analytics Dashboard
Trend Analysis Reports
Employee Engagement Scores
Customizable Metrics
Predictive Analytics

ADD AI Assistant TO Your Employee App NEW!

Supercharge Your Employee App with AI Assistants

MangoApps is revolutionizing the way employees access information with its AI Assistants. These assistants offer a more conversational and interactive approach, transforming the experience into a dynamic space where employees can engage in dialogues to perform tasks and find the information they need.

Ask us about our Enterprise AI Assistants.

OpearationS & Productivity Add-On

Boost Efficiency with Targeted Apps

Enhance your digital workspace by integrating any of the operations and productivity work apps with the Employee App.

Enterprise-Grade Security & Scalability

Built for the Frontline, Scalable for the Enterprise

MangoApps is tailored for frontline challenges and scales easily for large enterprises. With robust security and seamless HR integration, it's your all-in-one solution for employee engagement.

Optimized for Frontline (e.g., No-Email Required)
Verified & Tested for Millions of Users
HITRUST, SOC 2 & ISO Certified
99.9% Guaranteed Uptime SLA
Web-Based, Point-and-Click Administration


Feature & Plan Details

Effortless turnkey implementation of the industry's most comprehensive packaged Intranet solution.






Personalized News Feed

Personalized News Feed

Company Dashboard: Static widgets set by Admins.

Company Dashboard: Static widgets set by Admins.



Audience Targeting with Rule-Based Team Membership

Audience Targeting with Rule-Based Team Membership

Block-Based Post Editor with Pre-Built Content Blocks, Previews, and Review Workflow

Block-Based Post Editor with Pre-Built Content Blocks, Previews, and Review Workflow

Branded Content Templates

Branded Content Templates

Content and Communication Scheduling, Promotion and Management Tools.

Content and Communication Scheduling, Promotion and Management Tools.

Multi-Channel Communication with Built-in Acknowledgment

Multi-Channel Communication with Built-in Acknowledgment

Real-Time Engagement Insights

Real-Time Engagement Insights

We needed to be able to work with an organization that really understood the unique needs healthcare organizations face regarding data and privacy. The fact that MangoApps had built a HIPAA-compliant environment was really important to us.

Vallery Brown

Director of Digital Media and Interim Director of Communications

OU Health

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