Keep your team happy and engaged

Make every employee feel heard by giving everyone a voice and creating a space to recognize when someone goes the extra mile.

employee engagement


Reduce turnover by engaging frontline teams

Companies of all kinds struggle with high turnover and inconsistent culture. It can be challenging to maintain an inclusive atmosphere when you don’t have a direct line to frontline teams. 

  • Share kudos with Awards & Recognition features as appreciation.

  • Deploy Surveys & Polls and collect Ideas to show employees their opinions matter.

  • Send Greetings that celebrate milestones & events, creating a sense of community.


Strike up conversations & cheer each other on 

Familiar features allow frontline workers to connect & engage effortlessly.

  • Give & receive quick emoji reactions for instant reads on content.

  • Comment threads house transparent conversations anyone can join.

  • Keep track of ideas across topics with clickable hashtags.


Give shout-outs to star performers

Give awards for a job well done while reinforcing your company’s core values.

  • Choose from out-of-the-box awards or customize ones that reflect your brand’s culture.

  • Showcase awards on employees’ profiles in the company directory.

  • Give shout-outs & recognitions to entire teams or individuals.


Gather actionable feedback

Collect diverse insights by giving everyone in your organization a voice.

  • Conveniently create surveys & polls from a variety of templates.

  • Receive employee sentiments in real-time and implement the findings to strengthen company culture.

  • Automate NPS (Net Promotor Score) data surveys with regular reports.


Collect ideas & take action

Turn ideas into executable tasks that employees will be proud to complete.

  • Team members can submit their own ideas & vote on others.

  • Real-time Idea leaderboards give you a sense of what your employees find important.

  • Follow ideas through completion so nothing slips through the cracks.


Highlight special moments

Send Greetings during important occasions like birthdays and work anniversaries to foster community.

  • Set automations to ensure no one’s birthday or anniversary is missed.  

  • Choose from provided Greetings or customize company-branded ones to bolster culture. 

  • Leave comments, emoji reactions, and .gifs to have fun and boost self-expression.


Take part in friendly competition

Spark engagement with MangoApps’ gamification points.

  • Optional leaderboards create an air of friendly competition.

  • The addition of Levels & Badges to employee profiles encourages participation.

  • Customize branded Badges to maintain company culture.