MangoApps vs. Standalone Apps

If you're considering a new solution for your digital workplace needs, MangoApps is the smart choice over standalone options. It allows you to start with just the features you need now while setting a robust foundation for future digital workplace expansion – effectively addressing your immediate and future needs in one go.

Future-proof Your Workplace

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Dive into this detailed comparison highlighting why MangoApps, a comprehensive employee experience platform, outshines standalone systems.


Standalone Systems

Functionality & Integration

Wide functionalities, easy integration.

Specific functionality, complex integration.

Ease of Use & User Experience

Consistent and unified user experience.

Varying user experiences.

Training Costs & Adoption

Low training cost, better long-term adoption.

High training cost, "tool fatigue" over time.

Administration & Vendor Management

Centralized administration, single vendor.

Separate administration, multiple vendors.

Security, Compliance, & Data Management

Uniform across all functionalities.

Varies per system.

Licensing and Other Costs

Cost-effective for company-wide rollout

Expensive as costs add up with multiple systems.

Updates, Support, & Recovery

Unified updates, support, and disaster recovery.

Varies per system.

Mobility & Interoperability

Mobile-friendly, interacts well with external systems.

Varies per system.

User Community & Peer Support

Active user community with plenty of peer support.

Depends on the resources of each vendor.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Regular updates and innovations

Changes in one system disrupt integration with others.

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As you research the best solutions for your organizations, please be sure to checkout some of our detailed case studies.


Guaranteed employee adoption

Concerned about employee adoption? Don't be. We are the only digital workplace vendor that stands behind our product with an adoption guarantee—if you aren’t satisfied with adoption after launch, you don’t pay us.