Rewards and Recognition for Frontline Industries

Unlock an integrated Rewards & Recognition experience with MangoApps and elevate workplace culture to reflect your company’s core values and promote employee engagement. Make feeling unappreciated a thing of the past.

Custom-branded Employee of the Month award within MangoApps.

Instant Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Foster a culture of appreciation with impact and efficiency. MangoApps’ Rewards and Recognition enables employees to give real-time peer-to-peer recognition from web or mobile, making the process easy and instantly shared. Empower your workforce to effortlessly acknowledge their peers anytime and anywhere, including the ability to extend recognition to entire teams to foster a collaborative spirit and maximize positive impact.

Views of awards on users' profiles and news feeds.

Embedded Effortless Appreciation

Elevate your workplace culture with Rewards and Recognition seamlessly integrated into your company intranet. MangoApps displays Rewards on employee profiles, embedding the experience within familiar daily interactions. Employees can view Recognitions on their News Feeds, enabling visibility and engagement without needing to log in to a separate system. Eliminate barriers to driving program adoption, and foster a culture of effortless appreciation within your organization.

A custom-branded award for a fictional company called RetailCo; fields within MangoApps domain for customizing awards.

Customizable Award Templates

Craft company-branded award templates that vividly reflect your core values. Attribute these values to specific awards, ensuring a genuine alignment with employees' daily efforts. Choose from diverse award categories that act as an extension of your brand and visual identity. Spread company culture with ease and bring together employees who feel disconnected, ultimately creating a more cohesive and motivated workplace.

With MangoApps, recognition can happen in an instant. I can recognize you for something you did, and your boss and all the people in your team can know about it. It’s been great for improving culture. We love it.

Natalia Abrego

Corporate Communications Manager


Tangible Rewards

Empower managers with a monthly points balance to allocate towards employee awards, elevating the value of recognition within your organization. Employees accrue points that can be exchanged for tangible benefits such as gift cards, charitable donations, or other incentives. Choose from our out-of-the-box rewards catalog, seamlessly integrate with third-party collections, or create your own custom inventory of goods and offers specific to your organization, fostering a personalized and meaningful recognition experience for every employee.  Admins can even set allocated points to expire, encouraging active participation in the program.

Gift card catalog on mobile and desktop.
Animated .GIFs and emoji reactions & comments on a user's award within the MangoApps platform.

Publicly Shared Recognitions

Amplify the impact of recognition by making it visible across the company community. Shared recognitions will appear on employees’ News Feeds during the flow of their workday, promoting a culture of appreciation that grabs attention in a non-obtrusive way. Peers can join the conversation around individual recognitions with emoji reactions, comments, and other social media features.

I think it’s strengthened our culture because it’s given all of our employees a voice, including those who didn’t have one before. Everyone can read or submit success stories from throughout the company...You can be proud of what you’re doing, and others can celebrate with you.

Rebecca Stone

Internal Communications Coordinator

Ram Tool

Global Reward Support

MangoApps’ Rewards and Recognitions feature offers seamless support in over fifty countries, ensuring accessibility for a diverse workforce. Create a different catalog of goods for each of your office or store locations, in its respective currency, and cater to employees in different areas by tailoring incentives to fit their needs and hobbies.

MangoApps interface showing custom reward catalog items for different countries, such as puffer jackets and hockey sticks for Canada locations.
Woman reviewing Rewards & Recognition insights and analytics on MangoApps interface.

Comprehensive Data Insights for Admins

Empower program administration with valuable insights into recognition trends. MangoApps provides comprehensive insights on given and received recognitions, information on how rewards points are redeemed, and a broader understanding of the program's success with exportable reports. These analytics provide crucial adoption metrics, measure engagement, and showcase the tangible value of your awards program to upper management.

Automated Celebratory Posts with HRIS Integration

Streamline celebrations with our integrated bot that automatically generates posts for birthdays, anniversaries, and recurring events using your company’s existing third-party HRIS information. Customizable and efficient, these automated posts are shared on employee News Feeds and actively engage fellow employees in celebrating their peers. Benefit from real-time data synchronization — any changes in the HRIS are seamlessly updated in MangoApps to ensure accuracy and timely recognition.

An example of automated birthday recognitions within the MangoApps platform.

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