Streamlined Task Management For Any Organization

Drive operational excellence across your organization with MangoApps’ Tasks, designed to streamline task delegation and completion from a single, unified platform.

Distribute & Oversee Action Items

Delegate tasks, break down assignments, and gain both high-level and granular views of your reports’ assignments. MangoApps’ deep task management features fit seamlessly into any team’s workflow, automating approvals, notifying staff, and establishing recurring tasks to keep regular deliverables on track. Whether delegating tasks among your office staff, such as project milestones and administrative duties, or coordinating assignments across multiple retail locations, like inventory management and customer service tasks, effortlessly keep employees informed while boosting efficiency.

    MangoApps helped us create a whole process, a workflow on how to do work tasks much more effectively and consistently. So now we’re all doing it the same way.

    Alexi Mueller

    Claims Manager

    Shelter Insurance

    Organize Tasks for Optimal Efficiency

    Break down large tasks into manageable items with easy-to-follow checklists, allowing you to track and complete smaller components for comprehensive task completion. Use advanced filtering and sorting to quickly find and view any subset of tasks, streamlining your workflow by using filters such as task status, type, priority level, milestone, or specific projects.

    Easily Track Progression

    Check the status of a task in an instance; users mark Tasks as 'started' and then as 'finished' upon completion, giving managers a clear view of their progress. Admins can require photo evidence of completion and setup approval automation to ensure standards are met before a task is officially complete.

    Efficient Deployment for All Teams

    Bulk-assign tasks to hundreds or thousands of locations simultaneously. Ensure unified execution and operational consistency on a large scale for efficient frontline workforce operations. And, manage office tasks with advanced project tracking, collaborative workspaces, and intelligent automation. Keep projects on track with due dates, checklists, and time logs for office-based or on-the-go teams–all from a single location.

    Role-Specific Dashboards

    Experience tailored, real-time task views. Supervisors get snapshots for resource allocation, field managers track projects and deadlines, district managers access aggregated insights for decision-making, and HQ gains a bird’s eye view for strategic alignment. Keep track of Task progress across countries and regions all the way down to specific offices, stores, or warehouses–all while only seeing the information relevant to your role.

    Automated Task Workflows

    Streamline Task delegation and approvals with automated workflows. Whether sending onboarding assignments to new hires or quarterly to-dos to store managers, automated workflows add efficiency to your operations and improve productivity throughout your entire organization.

      We have built out departmental sub-pages within the framework that allows teams to manage their own content. Teams and departments at different hospitals are able to have unique spaces where they can communicate and collaborate on specific tasks.

      Vallery Brown

      Director of Digital Media and Interim Director of Communications

      OU Health

      Unique Task Types

      Create a list of Task types to match your company’s needs. Improve efficiency with a go-to collection of Task types that save time and make delegating assignments a breeze. Create Task types based on department, job role, location, and more – whatever fits your company’s unique needs!

      Tailored Task Priorities

      Create priority levels that match your company’s language and branding. Assign different colors to each priority to keep your domain’s style consistent, and choose wording that fits how your company utilizes the Tasks feature.

      Customizable Task Templates

      Streamline routine duties with Task templates. Create reusable Task templates for regularly-needed to-dos throughout your organization, aligning your staff toward common goals while giving valuable time back to managers.

      Scalable Task Management

      As your organization grows, MangoApps scales with you. Manage tasks across increasing numbers of sites without compromising efficiency or oversight. Ideal for multi-site operations, MangoApps handles the complexities of large organizations seamlessly.

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