Personalized Dashboards (Home)

Give your employees fast access to the information and tools they need with personalized landing pages. Highly customizable and accessible from any device, the dashboard provides tailored support for every employee’s day-to-day needs.

Tailored Employee Dashboards

Eliminate the struggle of context switching by providing each employee with a tailored dashboard experience, where they only see relevant information without any roadblocks or distractions. Our no-code, drag-and-drop interface allows users to modify their homepage with dynamic widgets of their choosing effortlessly. Empower employees to optimize their dashboard to fit their unique needs, curating the most pertinent and useful information in one conveniently accessible location.

Dynamic Widgets for Real-Time Updates

Populate your dashboard with dynamic widgets that automatically update, offering real-time information at your fingertips. Every component of your dashboard is a widget you can customize — from SSO quick links and announcements to events, task management, and third-party integrations. This widget-based design turns your employee dashboard into a live, up-to-date hub, eliminating the need for IT maintenance and providing a highly relevant view of company information.

Connect with Third-Party Tools

Integrate your favorite apps and resources seamlessly into your employee dashboard, including crucial frontline essentials like pay information, shifts, and schedules, as well as office means like G Suite and Office 365. Two-way integrations send and receive live data between all of these tools and MangoApps in real-time, offering a comprehensive and personalized experience through a single dashboard for all your essential needs.

Access Third-Party Tools with Single Sign-On

Enable employees to access all essential company applications with one click on their dashboard. Sign in directly to third-party tools without having to keep track of passwords or enter your login credentials multiple times. Integrate with dozens of common enterprise applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Workday, Zoom, Zendesk, SharePoint, and more.

You plug into MangoApps and you’re now in any application in the company and you don’t have to log in again. It enhances not only day-to-day communication but also our ability to use other tools.

Tom Perrine

Chief Information Officer

Team Health

Mobile-Friendly for Convenient Frontline Access

Empower deskless employees to stay informed with on-the-go access to their personalized dashboard. Provide frontline employees the ability to connect with company news, events, calendars, and task management–conveniently available from their mobile devices.

Flexible Administration Controls

Equip admins with flexible control over dashboard customization. Tailor the level of customization available to employees, ensuring employers can strategically manage the information displayed on their dashboards. Even give an additional layer of configuration, allowing admins to fine-tune the employee experience and align it with organizational goals.

See How It Works

Give your employees fast access to the information and tools they need by creating a convenient, easy-to-update landing page for every member of your team. Use MangoApps’ collection of widgets to design a custom Home page that conveys news, to-do lists, upcoming events, useful apps and tools, and more. Watch our brief video for an overview.

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