One platform, Hundreds of use-cases

MangoApps Use Cases

Learn how companies and organizations of all sizes and industries use MangoApps to effectively share, communicate, collaborate and work.

Elevate Team Communications

Learn how MangoApps can improve team communications, make your company content more engaging, and build a framework for effective collaboration.

  • Company News and Announcements

  • Emergency Announcements

  • Regular Status Report

  • Team Collaboration and Work Area

  • Virtual Town Hall Meetings

  • Find Expert Employees

  • Other use cases like host remote meetings, it help desk, leave requests, easy to access HR content and more

Streamline Information Management

Save countless hours by organizing company information with a modern, logical flow that is intuitive for employees.

  • Share Employee Files and Documents

  • Joint authoring of documents

  • Company Calendar

  • Online Company Employee Directory

  • Event planning & management

  • FAQ Pages

  • Other use cases like task management, digitizing paper forms and more

Facilitate Knowledge Sharing

Make sure individuals have a way to share the knowledge they gain on the job, so that everyone can build off each other's successes and learn from each other's failures.

  • Brand and Marketing Knowledge Base

  • Share Industry Best Practices

  • Share Customer Case Studies

  • Company Administration

  • Vendor Knowledge Base

  • Customer Knowledge Base

Transform Employee Engagement

Learn to improve employee engagement and happiness by making your team feel welcomed, valued, and heard.

  • Employee Rewards and Recognition

  • Employee Surveys

  • Communicating Employee Benefits

  • Employee Feedback Center

  • Idea Management

  • Employee Shout Outs

Mentoring and Training Programs

The more opportunities your employees have to learn, the stronger they will be. Learn to create and make the most of mentoring and training programs with MangoApps.

  • Onboarding Content and Training Resources

  • Internal Job Boards

  • Company Knowledge Discovery

  • Peer Mentoring Program

  • Leadership Learning Center

Build Strong Communities

Learn how small digital efforts can turn your local team into an active, welcoming community.

  • Local News and Crisis Management

  • Cafeteria Menus

  • Lunch and Other Employee Outings

  • Local Employee Questions

  • Coordinate Blood Drives and Other Community Events

Enhance Culture

Giving employees space for non-work communication can go a long way to improve company culture.

  • Employee Social Center

  • Employee Marketplace

  • Office Parties

  • Potluck, Pizza Fridays and Other Events

Transform External Communications

Learn how to use MangoApps to keep your external communications and event participation timely, consistent, and effective.

  • Customer Communication

  • Trade Shows

  • Online Leads

  • Demo Requests

  • Feature Requests

Unlock Even More Use Cases

Learn other uses for MangoApps, like managing IT workflows and enabling mobile access to company information and communication.

  • Access Information On-The-Go

  • Create Must Read Posts

  • Job Function Based Use Cases

  • Product backlog

  • Milestones and Releases

  • Incorporating Outside Content

  • Bugs & Defects Reporting